" The word's you speak today are the seeds of harvest you will reap tommorow " 

18 Faith Confessions for believers
1)I am a Believer , I believe the Word of God, I believe the word of God above what I can see or feel.

2)I am a New Creature a new specie of being a new breed in Christ. Nothing of the old is in me anymore, everything in me now is brand new.

3)I am a Son of God, I have become God's child. I carry His DNA and His Life and His Ability is in me now.

4)I am Called by God to do His will and His good pleasure. I have answered the call of God and I will follow His plan for my life.

5)I am Forgiven of every sin and transgression that I have ever commited. God no longer remembers them, niether do i.

6)I am Righteousness,  I have been made righteous, Jesus My Lord took my sin and gave me His righteosness.

7)I am Filled with the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit fills me with divine power to be a witness and destroy all the works of the devil.

8)I am The Light of the world, My light shines bright in the world. I am plugged into Heaven, Heavens electricity is flowing in me now.
The darker the world gets, the brighter I shine. 

9)I am The Salt of the earth, I have divine influence on earth, I have favour with God and man. I will never lose my flavour.

10)I am Holy in Christ, I have been made Holy, I have been made as Holy as Jesus Is and I am now set apart  for God's use.

11)I am Blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus, every thing i will ever need has already been provided
for me. I take what has been provided by faith.

12)I am Loved by my Heavenly Father, He loves me and has demonstrated His love for me by sacrificing His Son on my behalf. I receive His Love and share His love with others.

13)I am a Joint heir with Christ Jesus, I have been given legal access to all that Christ owns.

14)I am More than a Conqueror in Christ, Jesus has already won the victory and I now enjoy spoil's of His conquest.

15)I am Healed from all sickness and disease and I am walking in divine health.

16)I am Redemmed from the curse of the law, The Lord Jesus Christ took my curse upon Himself and gave me His blessing.

17)I am Restored, I am not broken, Jesus was broken, so i could be restored.

18)I am Complete in Christ, I have nothing missing. I have all i need to live a life worthy of The Lord Jesus Christ.

18 Faith FDeclarations For 2018
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