Tyrone & Mirjana Singh

Tyrone  & Mirjana Singh
Tyrone & Mirjana Singh have been called by the Lord to minister the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit to the nations.
They currently reside in Bedford, United Kingdom and Pastor World Missions Bible School.

Tyrone Singh was born in Bedford, United Kingdom and surrendered his life to Jesus at the age of 17, He had a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed the course of his life. The Lord revealed His heart to him and called him to teach the gospel without compromise, training others to walk in the fulness of all that Christ has paid for.

Mirjana was born in Vukovar, Croatia, and she came to settle in the United Kingdom, she surrendered her life to Jesus at the age of 28.
Together they compliment each other in the service of the Lord, they have a burning desire to see believers become effective in reaching out to the hurting & lost by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Tyrone is John G. Lake Ministries England Representative.

"I made my surrender to Him. The light of heaven broke into my soul, and I arose from my knees a son of God, and I knew it, and deep within my being I knew I was called by God to take the gospel to all people of the world."
Tyrone Singh 11th June 1994

"If we believe what God has said about Himself in the Bible and we believe it is all true, then we must also believe what God has said about us is true,
You are a new creation, you are the righteousness of God, & you are blessed with every spiritual blessing".